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Being You-er Than You

2 + 2 equals  4… but so does 3 + 1… Just because someone may do things a little bit differently than you, doesn’t mean they are doing it wrong.  This has taken me years to understand, and I think I’m just beginning to… Continue Reading “Being You-er Than You”

Uganda: Loving Simply and Simply Loving

Did you know that missions trips have a lot in common with surprise birthday parties? Yeah, me neither.  Until now. Think about it.  Sometimes the events of the day catch you totally off-guard, sometimes you experience anxiety, excitement, and fear all at the same… Continue Reading “Uganda: Loving Simply and Simply Loving”

But the Greatest of These Is Love…

It’s always funny scrolling back through my old blog posts, reminiscing about the trials and the triumphs that I’ve had to walk through over these past few years.  It’s cool to see how far I’ve come, and it’s humbling to see how far I… Continue Reading “But the Greatest of These Is Love…”

Road Trips, Relationships, and Rental Cars

A wise woman (who I refer to as mom) once told me, “If you can drive in the streets of Miami, Florida, you can drive anywhere!” Well mom, I’ll see your Miami and raise you a South Africa. It’s a magical land where few… Continue Reading “Road Trips, Relationships, and Rental Cars”

According To Plan

I have to admit, I never thought that I’d need to type a blog post with one hand, I never thought that I would’ve fractured my wrist playing soccer, and I never thought that my best friend would need to wash my hair for… Continue Reading “According To Plan”

My Mal Beste Vriendin (My Crazy Best Friend)

“Friendship isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest, its about who came by your side and never left” I have a few confessions to make. I hate talking on the phone, I am terrible at remembering time zone differences, and I have a tendency… Continue Reading “My Mal Beste Vriendin (My Crazy Best Friend)”