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Fight the Good Fight

After a month of experiencing the beauty of South Africa, I have finally been faced with some really ugly truths. My eyes are being opened wider to the pain and the struggles that so many people have to deal with each day.  I have… Continue Reading “Fight the Good Fight”

Striving For Excellence

10 Coaches.  4 Days.  1 Purpose. As I lay on my bed with cramps in my calves and dark circles under my eyes… my heart is full. These past few days came and went, but the lessons I learned and the friends I made… Continue Reading “Striving For Excellence”

#againstALLodds – Girls Futsal Initiative

According to FIFA, roughly 500 x more girls have the opportunity to play soccer in America than in South Africa. So practically, what does this mean for girls in the city of Cloetesville, South Africa? In my personal experience, soccer has taught me some… Continue Reading “#againstALLodds – Girls Futsal Initiative”