SA/Uganda Update

Hi Everyone!
I am back safe and sound from Uganda!


The trip was wonderful, the human trafficking awareness conference was a huge success, and the relationships we built there are sure to last a lifetime! There were over 75 delegates at the STOP conference we hosted, attendance by one of the members of parliament, and also attendance by several members of the Ugandan police force. We trained all of the attendees in human trafficking prevention and awareness, and we also equipped them with the tools to properly teach the youth in schools, communities, and churches. During the trip, our team was able to go into several slums to share small gifts and the gospel message with women working in prostitution. We also visited a slum where I was able to do kids games and soccer drills with the street children. Overall, our visit to Uganda was a great success! A big thank you to all who donated to make it a possibility for me to go! I couldn’t have done it without you and I am so grateful for your support!

I wrote a short blog about my trip to Uganda here:

Now that I’ve arrived in South Africa, I will get back to captaining my soccer team during the final weeks of our season, I will continue to do human trafficking presentations in the local schools and communities around the Western Cape, I will continue working on the Princess Warrior Project, and I will be preparing for the MeCAHT conference in the end October. This conference is an international human trafficking awareness conference in Simon’s Town, SA that focuses on using media to help stop human trafficking globally. Ministry leaders from all over the world will be attending this three day conference, so it should be a very fruitful and exciting time. My role will be to represent the STOP team and to also train the attendees in our “Traffic Proof” program for primary and high school students. We will also be doing a night of street outreach with the women working in prostitution, so please keep that in your prayers as the date approaches.

On a more personal note, I really miss you all!

As this year is coming to a close, I have grown even more excited to return home to visit everyone. It will be so nice to reconnect with my family, my friends, and my church. Also, just incase you want to jot this down, I will be flying back home to Miami on December 8th. However, I will be sending out one or two more updates before I fly home in the coming months (when the Lord gives me a little more information on next year’s potential adventures.)  But until then, I still have two and a half months to finish strong!!! Please pray that above all, God will be glorified in everything that I do, and that I will walk according to His will every step of the way. Love to you guys!!!

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