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The Quiet Time Conundrum

I never liked “time-outs.”  I never ever liked to take afternoon naps as a kid, and I never ever liked “quiet times.”  I was always on the move, causing both a ruckus and a headache for my parents and teachers one day at a time!… Continue Reading “The Quiet Time Conundrum”

It Takes A Village (To Raise a Missionary)

There is an old African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  But, over this past year, I’ve realized that it also takes a village to raise up and send out a missionary (especially a crazy and injury prone one… Continue Reading “It Takes A Village (To Raise a Missionary)”

Preparing for a Porn Conference: This Christian’s Walk on the Wild Side

I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth, but here it goes… In exactly one month, I will be attending a porn conference in Vancouver, Canada.   Now before anyone freaks out – or rushes over to their cell phones to… Continue Reading “Preparing for a Porn Conference: This Christian’s Walk on the Wild Side”

[Be]loved – A Poem

Hi all.  I wrote a little poem for you (but mainly for me).  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our past mistakes do not define us, so I wrote this as a little wake up call.  I wrote this poem to remind me of my… Continue Reading “[Be]loved – A Poem”

Hindsight 20/20

Is anybody else (besides me) afraid of the unknown? I think my fear of the unknown greatly surpasses my other fears – like spiders, sharks, and creepy clowns that laugh obnoxiously in your face (and try to give you lingering and unwanted creepy clown hugs). … Continue Reading “Hindsight 20/20”

Chasing What Matters: In Honor of My Running Friends

Over these past few months, a few of my friends have called me crazy, insane, and ridiculous.  They have also questioned my sanity (cough, you know who you are Rencia, cough). Why have they done these things, you ask? Because I started trail running.… Continue Reading “Chasing What Matters: In Honor of My Running Friends”

To Sin Less or to Be Sinless: That Is the Question

Sometimes, I get so tired of being a Christian.  Literally, I get exhausted to the point of needing multiple power naps a day. This week I finally decided to sit down and ask myself, “Why the heck do I feel this way?”  If the… Continue Reading “To Sin Less or to Be Sinless: That Is the Question”