About Me

A girl full of passion. A love for people. A calling from God.

These three ingredients have created a unique and incredible mission for my life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to put that mission into action.

South Africa.

To sum it all up, I’m just a 20 something-year-old girl embarking on an adventurous journey to impact the lives of women and girls all over the world. Currently, I am partnering with STOP Trafficking of People in South Africa, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and develops prevention programs to fight back against human trafficking. Our goal is to spread the news that no life is worthless or unimportant and that no life is for sale.  We do this by teaching and presenting human trafficking awareness programs in schools, churches, and communities all across the country. I want girls to know that they are beautiful and brave Princess Warriors, that they are beloved and capable of accomplishing so much in this life. I want them to understand that they have a voice that matters, and that they are worthy, valuable, and honorable.  I want the boys to know that they are the next generation of strong leaders, that they have a hope and future to strive towards, and that they aren’t fighting their battles alone.  Most importantly, I want my brothers and sisters all over the world to know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them more than anything else in this world.  By sharing these truths with the youth, I hope to curb the cycles of abuse, fatherlessness, gang violence, rape, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation all across the country.

My prayer is that the brokenhearted and the lost will have a hope that cannot be shaken because of the truth, grace, and love of Jesus. I hope that they will be able to embrace and comprehend how loved and cherished and accepted they are by a God who wants to know them personally as their Father. My dream is for the next generation of young women to realize their worth and value as daughters of the King of Kings, and to find their strength to stand up for truth and righteousness in all areas of their lives (and in the lives of others).

So join me on this journey – one step of faith at a time.

For questions, thoughts, or just a nice chat… feel free to contact me via email at sam@oneheart2worlds.com