Welcome to My Blog

Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  My name is Sam Stokesberry and I am the [sometimes grammatically incorrect, yet always enthusiastic] author of this sweet website that you’re about to dig into.  I created this blog to give my supporters, donors, prayer warriors, friends, and family a little taste of the crazy adventures that the Lord has taken me on while living in South Africa!  Serving in the global anti-human trafficking realm is always an adventure filled with new challenges and heartbreaking testimonies.  It’s a journey where I get to join hands with brave survivors who have overcome insane obstacles and it’s overflowing with teachable moments of learning how to walk in sweet surrender with Jesus.  You’ll get a first-hand look into my perfectly imperfect, faith-filled missionary life with the King of Kings accompanied by lots of laughs, a moderate amount of tears, and tons of truth.

My prayer is that once you finish exploring this blog you’ll be encouraged, motivated, and maybe even a teensy bit inspired to say no to becoming a pew warmer and a big fat yes to becoming a world transformer.  So let’s get a move on, folks!  There are blog posts to read and people to impact!

– Sam

[Contact Me:  sam@oneheart2worlds.com]


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If you would like to make a donation and partner together in the fight to end human trafficking, donate here! All donations made through PayPal will go directly towards supporting and funding the work I am doing with STOP Trafficking of People in the Western Cape of South Africa. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for joining hands with me to combat this global crime of human trafficking! (***IMPORTANT***) Donations can only be made in increments of $10.00, so to change the dollar amount simply change the number in the item amount! For example, 3 in the item amount would equal a $30.00 donation.